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Cadiilac V-series Club

World Parts Direct is a proud partner of the official Cadillac V-Series club. All Cadillac V-Series enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to join this passionate, growing community of owners and experts, partners, and charities. Enjoy members-only benefits and discounts, stay current on tips, tricks, and emerging news, learn how to maximize your car's performance, and unlock your full driving and track potential. You'll also receive VIP "special" invitations to attend Cadillac V-Performance Labs, PWC/IMSA V-Corrals and V-Performance Academy events.


Jupiter Chevrolet

We sell only new, genuine products that always ship from licensed dealerships. This is why everything we carry is covered by a nationwide manufacturer warranty. Our largest General Motors partner is family-owned store called Jupiter Chevrolet. If you are in the North Texas region, there's no better place to buy a Chevrolet vehicle than here.